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1990 - The Company was established by Jan Kuśmierkowski, as a producer of an extensive range of garments for the domestic market. From the very beginning, the Company has developed extremely dynamically. Long-term contracts with German contracting parties for sewing protective clothes intended for hospitals, bakeries, pork-butcher's shops, stores were concluded as early as the following year, and up to now we are the producers of the aforementioned goods for the western markets.
1996 - The employment rate exceeded 120 employees, and the monthly production output reached 40 000 pieces of clothes.
1999 - A new Company’s department was opened – a woodworking shop, making furniture frames and employing modern digitally controlled machines. The whole Company was moved to a newly purchased facilities in the city centre.
2001 - Another new department was opened – an upholstery shop which deals exclusively with production of upholstered furniture (living sets).
2002 - KAMA Company was awarded the „Złoty Dąb” [Golden Oak] prize in the category of the most dynamically developed enterprise.
2004 - Laur Przedsiębiorczości [Entrepreneurship Laurel] – a prize of the Mayor of the City and Commune of Myślibórz, for the most vigorous company in the commune.
2004 – A new branch of the Company’s business activity was established – Stud Farm Kama.
2005 – Distinction Diploma “Złoty Żagiel” [Golden Sail] – a distinction diploma awarded by the Starost of Myślibórz for the most dynamic company in the poviat.
2005 – A new department was created – a moulding shop, equipped with new, digitally controlled machines.
2006 – a new department was created – upholstery sewing department equipped with the most modern sewing machines.

At present the Company employs 300 people and makes 100 000 pieces of clothes, 3 000 sets of furniture frames and 2 000 sets of upholstered furniture a month. KAMA sells its products directly in the markets of the Western Europe and Poland. It may also be proud of many other industry awards.