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Safety and comfort at work – these are the most important features to be provided by our clothes.
Light protective clothes we make are mainly dedicated to the medical sector. However, our clients represent also light, food, hotel and trading industries.
Production of light protective clothes is the business activity Kama has run for the longest period of time (1990). Our products mostly reach western markets and meet all the domestic and foreign standards.

Our essential products are:

  • aprons
  • overalls
  • jackets
  • pants
  • dresses
  • specialized medical clothes
  • operating theatre clothes
  • clothes for patients

The line of our products is supplemented by:

  • surgical drapes
  • special bed clothes
  • surgical drape sheets
  • drapes and bed sheets

All the products are allowed to be traded by the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products and they meet requirements of the harmonized standards:

  • PN-EN 13795 - 1: 2006
  • PN-EN 13795 - 2: 2005 (V)
  • PN-EN 13795 - 3: 2006 (V)

In order to facilitate cooperation with our clients we have prepared a catalogue of the essential products. For specification of the orders and their pricing please contact directly our sales department.